Working at Comtrade

The experience of working for a large international company is unique in many respects as it provides diverse opportunities for learning, exchanging knowledge and collaborating in a cross-cultural environment. A career at Comtrade means enjoying the benefits of:

Deep technology expertise

Comtrade is active in the fields of gaming, storage, telecommunications, finance, healthcare, embedded solutions, public sector and many others. The transfer of knowledge between teams and colleagues enables new employees to develop skills and competencies in these areas faster and with less effort.

Multidisciplinary project teams

The scale and sophistication of Comtrade’s projects requires the expertise of diverse teams from multiple specialties, providing ample opportunities for interaction and mutual support. Team members can focus on their area of expertise while learning from and receiving support from their colleagues.

Multicultural project teams

By working with people from various backgrounds, our employees gain a wealth of experience in terms of human development and personal growth. Having contact with international professionals also means staying up to date on global technology trends and innovations.

High-value clients/projects

Only large and well-established providers get the opportunity to participate in top-level IT projects for renowned companies. Joining a company of Comtrade’s size and reputation can be a shortcut towards the upper echelons of the IT industry.

If you see yourself building a career in a dynamic, multinational environment, send your CV to our HR team.