Distribution of IT equipment, mobile phones and consumer electronics has been one of ComTrade Group’s basic operations since the very beginnings, and the core business from which the process of diversification and regional expansion emerged.

Nowadays Comtrade companies, uniformly named CT Computers, are in the distribution business in four countries in Southeast Europe, most of them dominating the local market.

“Our mission is to bring wide portfolio of quality brands to the market, anticipate customers’ needs and thus stimulate overall awareness and growth of advanced technologies adoption.”

Bogdan Nikitović, Head of Distribution, Comtrade Group

CT Computers partners with over 50 major IT and CE vendors and many of those contracts are on a regional level, enabling us to offer the best conditions for our partners – companies leading the local retail markets in IT, mobile phones and consumer electronics. We are covering the whole process, from import to distribution, and act as a logistics service provider for our partners. Through our B2B portals local partners can view the wide portfolio of products on stock and order any of them with just a few clicks, maximizing their efficiency and reducing operation and transport costs.

Comtrade’s distribution business unit achieves high effectiveness through focus on stock optimization and strictly controlled inventory rates, using sophisticated software solutions. In addition, all CT Computers companies are heavily engaged in business education and knowledge transfer to channel partners, establishing them as a reliable, long-term partner for retailers in the regional marketplace.

Differentiation factors

  • Almost two decades of experience and presence in the market
  • Wide range of products in our portfolio from all major IT and CE vendors
  • Over 260 highly trained, well-motivated employees
  • Distribution centers in regional capitals
  • Large market share, making ComTrade the first choice of the clients
  • Significant investments in channel development, acting as trusted advisor for partners, providing support on market analysis, marketing activities, and business and financial excellence
  • Huge and versatile customer base – Retail, VAR (Value added resellers), System integrators, Telco, PC assemblers and Internet-based resellers
  • Financial stability, supported by strong working capital management, enables us to reduce costs and improve supply and delivery chain
  • ComTrade Information System, based on a consolidated ERP solution and connected to efficient and easy-to-use B2B portals
  • Clear business strategy and long-term objectives