CT Computers Serbia is an importer and distributor of IT equipment and consumer electronics from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, and has been an integral part of Comtrade Group since its foundation in 1995. It is the oldest and the largest company under the umbrella of Comtrade Group, and one of its key business carriers. With its knowledge, reliable organization model, logistic support and direct cooperation with numerous global and regional partners, CT Computers offers endorsement to the rest of the group members, stimulating future business development.

Throughout many years CT Computers has been a leader in distribution of IT equipment in the Serbian market. Such position is achieved through devoted work of highly skilled personnel, rich assortment of quality devices and components, constant investment in growth and development, as well as highest quality standards. The widespread partner network, which includes more than 500 partners and covers the complete territory of Serbia, speaks enough about the strength of CT Computers, and also represents a solid guarantee that the leading position shall be maintained and strengthened in the years to come.

CT Computers employs modern technologies in order to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. A B2B portal is available to all partners, significantly speeding up delivery and decreasing communication expenses. Both partners and customers are aware that each product coming from CT Computers is legally imported, original, and with reliable warranty and secured service, which secures the leading position of CT Computers on the Serbian market.


CT Computers

Savski nasip 7, 11070 Beograd, Serbia

Phone: +381 (11) 201 55 55

Fax: +381 (11) 201 55 56

E-mail: info@ctcomputers.rs

B2B Portal: www.ct4partners.com