Comtrade launches “Life is green” initiative

At Comtrade, we recognize that Information technology can and should be used as a mean to achieving sounder environment. The main objective of our “Life is green” initiative is collaboration with companies primarily from energy sector in order to develop and implement advanced green software solutions. In the long run, we aim to help preserve the environment by reducing the impact our business endeavors and our daily lives have on it.

The solutions involve competences in smart metering, smart grids, wind farm management, geospatial information systems, asset-management, and metering and billing systems.

Green technology

Comtrade is a member of DigitalStrom alliance. DigitalSTROM is a non-profit organization created in 2007 at the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).

Bringing Green to IT solutions

At Comtrade, we take the environment very seriously. As such, we’re committed to meeting regulation requirements and taking voluntary steps to minimize the environmental impact of our products and global operations.

Our SPI and MP product line is about managing applications – which means better use of resources. Our e-solutions (e-banking, e-tax, e-registers, EBPPm) make business paperless and more environment friendly. We do many thing around cloud computing and virtualization, which also lead to more optimized and more environment friendly computing facilities.

Comtrade is a specialist software development partner in embedded and larger scale semi-embedded software development. Our services include on and off-site development, specialty technology support, and process support.

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