Software engineering skills are at the core of any R&D department. When these skills are contracted externally, then limitations in processes, management, and experience are often exposed. Normally, these are challenges for the buyer of the engineering services.

Comtrade has spent 20 years analyzing and perfecting the integration of our teams into our customer’s environment in all different types of organizations. There is no magical tool or formula — every client is unique and therefore demands working relationship that is created and evolved in a unique way.

The keys for success in this process are:

  • skills
  • trust
  • communications
  • continuous learning

As a supplier, we at Comtrade see our mission to make this journey work.

With such an approach we provide full R&D servicesthat cover all lifecycle stages in software development:

Customers can use our R&D services for a lifecycle single part or full end-to-end delivery. In all cases, these services are provided to in combination of on-site and off-site delivery mode and may be either ‘fully owned’ by our team or jointly executed with our teams that are integrated in our client’s engineering teams.

With this broad spectrum of services and working models, we can successfully accommodate or recommend and ultimately execute projects in nearly any combination. This is our flexible, proactive approach.