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Our core business is business software.
We have jobs everyone in the world now wishes they had studied for.

We offer many kinds of software-related products and services – but all of them at the deep end of the software pool.


We develop in-demand enterprise software products - applicable across the board, to any business


We build unique, tailor-made software solutions - for bold businesses, keen on standing out among their competition


We create versatile platforms and applications for mass-volume businesses: from logistics & warehousing to gaming, travel and telecoms


We iron out inconsistencies or build bridges between systems that differ in age and language, to make them work in harmony

So we are looking for:

the best software engineers, developers and programmers available - people who could be lifeguards, if software were water

first-rate project managers, product managers, analysts, coordinators and marketing & sales professionals, to support and promote our core teams in any arena

experienced lawyers, economists, psychologists and facilities managers, and many other experts and specialists, to ensure a productive environment across all our offices worldwide

If you have what it takes, if solving big challenges is your second nature, and you see the right role here, then your first task is to get in touch with us.
And then, just impress us.