Green Comtrade

Sustainability initiatives

We work to minimize our impact on the environment,
but strive to improve our communities.

We build or adapt our office buildings to be as energy-efficient as possible. We recycle paper and other materials.

But electronic equipment goes obsolete fast. We do not pile it up on top of shelves and cabinets. In accordance to regulation, we collect it, label it “dangerous waste”, store it accordingly under lock & key, and have it sent to recycling plants, at least once per year.

Belgrade, Serbia:

For used paper, plastic and metal, we have bins for waste separation in every suite.

These bins are emptied into containers behind the main building, nightly. Collected and sorted, recyclable waste is regularly sent to a recycling plant.

Employees can bring used batteries from gadgets and appliances, for safe disposal.

Ljubljana, Slovenia:

An Alpine country with brisk winters, Slovenia is widely known for the stunning beauty of its greenery during the rest of the year. A lot of gardening enthusiasts work to maintain that reputation.

Our employees profit from early Spring warmth to plant colourful annuals in front of our technology center and office in the country’s capital.

Banjaluka, Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Employees who use bicycles to commute and get around have been awarded special commendations, recognizing their commitment and effort, at an office event.

Collected with care

In Serbia, we support the national initiative “A Bottle Cap for A Handicap” - a drive to procure electric wheelchairs for individuals with disabilities. We collect plastic bottle caps, which might otherwise end up in nature, either as long-term pollutants or in landfills - and send them for recycling.

Employees are encouraged to bring their home collections of bottle caps, to contribute to the initiative faster.

Group wide:

Our internal news portal ConneCT features a Go Green page, where employees can find a selection of news concerning environmentally-conscious initiatives and ideas.

Comtrade marks Earth Day 2017

In honor of Earth Day 2017, Comtrade launched a number of company-wide initiatives aimed at raising environmental awareness. The focus was on promoting a culture of sustainability and making a positive impact on local communities. As part of the initiative, Comtrade employees and their children worked together to clean up areas in their surrounding communities, plant trees and flowers, pick up litter and beautify school yards.


Our professions keep us indoors for long hours, in artificial lighting and surrounded with screen emissions. Hence we need the outdoors not only to be sustainable in the long term, but as healthy and as clean as possible right now, so we can go work out and restore our balance. That’s why we likely act on it with more zeal than most other people.

Jelena Sitarica,

Quality Specialist