Individual paths we offer

Carve out your career path at Comtrade

A career is not the shortest path between a beginner and a seasoned professional. Individual growth takes many turns and some leaps of faith.

We invest in our people a lot:

We regularly provide intense internal and external trainings, to ensure that our people have the necessary licenses and certificates at all times

We keep fine-tuning a unique development program for our teams and employees, tying performance measurement to clear competencies

We frequently rotate roles our people perform, to broaden their competences and perspectives

We also explore soft skills, management & leadership topics and many other avenues for personal growth

Our employees can use company facilities and exercise under the supervision of company-provided trainers, or play indoor and outdoor sports ad hoc, to keep physically fit

We organize themed meetups and exciting team-building excursions, to bridge geographical distances between our dispersed teams and to better exchange knowledge, energy and team spirit among us

In-house education opportunities:

Leadership days

Once a year, our top and middle managers get together over a couple of days, for a hectic round of presentations, workshops and team building games. They explore current technology and business topics, from a governance point of view.

Business days

Each year, our middle management and select individuals from Marketing, HR and other departments visit a different host location. For three intense days, they build up their soft skills and team spirit, focusing on business topics, trends and developments in the market.

Delivery days

Our Project Management Office team sets a few days aside every year to exchange best practices and insights with representatives of other departments. Lessons learned, panel discussions and project overviews share the stage with skiing, swimming and just plain fun.

TM breakfasts

Chiefly held online, these one-hour sessions reflect the Team Managers’ role and cover topics such as recruitment, onboarding, performance management etc. Held several times a year, they are very useful in gauging, introducing or evaluating new procedures or processes.

PM coffee breaks

PM coffee break is a periodic opportunity our Project Managers take to explore topics of interest (Scrum and other methodologies, PM best practices, etc.) They hold it almost every month, as they assess their own training needs and career development paths.

Smart days

Similar in format to the TM breakfasts and PM coffee break, Smart Days attract our employees from all locations, as opportunities to explore topics related to programming and share knowledge of new frameworks or useful tips and tricks.


Part of the global trend of informal get-togethers of people joined by a common interest, our meetups take place afterhours, probe the hottest topics and attract a lot of attention. We hold them in a different city – Belgrade, Banja Luka, Kragujevac, Sarajevo – monthly or more often.

Quest Coffee

Our QA and testing people often encounter similar problems while working on unrelated projects. Occasionally, they get together to discuss news in the testing field, the certification process and challenges they solved. These talks complement their indispensable knowledge-sharing portal.

Certification courses

Our many partnership agreements with the world’s best technology companies oblige our people to keep their knowledge at the highest level. About a hundred licensing trainings per year allow them to earn certificates for mastering different advanced technologies.

Language courses

We are a culturally diverse group that operates in numerous markets worldwide. Many among our people decide they want or need to boost their mastery of foreign languages. Face-to-face classes for them are organized, usually just before office hours.

Ad hoc trainings

A year will offer more than 1500 learning sessions, including trainings and lectures, covering twenty different soft skills-related themes. This quota goes way up if we also tally up the many e-learning sessions, held by individual departments or our business verticals.


We think it is in our best interest to develop our people to their fullest potential. Many among them consider it a privilege to give back the support and guidance they received. In time, they volunteer as mentors, speakers at conferences or workshops hosts.

Elma Zevnik,

Senior Resource Manager