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24 | 08 | 2016

Comtrade to Represent Slovenian IT Industry In The EUTYPES Academic Network

Slovenia is one of the 23 countries participating in an important European project for developing technologies that will ensure secure and reliable operation of software and IT systems. As part of the Horizon 2020 project, EU encourages the best possible practices for sharing knowledge between the science community and various technology developers. In the intergovernmental COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) project, which will last until March 2020, Slovenia will be represented by Gregor Molan from Comtrade Digital Services as a representative of the high-tech industry, and Andrej Bauer from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, as a representative of the academic community.

Both Slovenian representatives will cooperate in guiding the EUTYPES project, while a broader group of scientists from Slovenia will work with partners from the EU to develop new methods for ensuring the accuracy and suitability of technologies developed by high-tech IT companies. To achieve this goal, they will use type theory, which is a modern version of mathematical logic, adapted to the needs of computing. This approach ensures an extremely high level of system quality, as suitability is ensured by using computer-validated mathematical proof.

Active participation in the EUTYPES program will also have broad positive effects on the domestic economy. Over the next four years, Slovenian IT companies will benefit from freely sharing the knowledge from foreign and domestic experts/academics, which they will be able to use in training their employees and developing their products, solutions and services.

Andrej BauerAndrej Bauer, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, said: “EUTYPES is an academic research network that operates across the entire EU and connects all major European researchers studying the field of type theory. This is a branch of theoretical computing that forms the basis for modern programming languages, software development and software validation. The network connects established researchers who contributed significantly to the development of theory and practice in this area. Their ideas shaped our view of what a programming language is, in what way we need to develop software and how we can validate software by using type theory and logic.

“The EUTYPES project can only succeed, if it works with research groups coming from the IT industry with both sides reaping the fruit of the work. On the one hand, the academic environment must understand the challenges of the real world, while on the other hand the partners from the industry cannot afford to lag behind in innovation and developing new products. Comtrade’s role as a leading industry partner in the EUTYPES network places it at the forefront of European companies that recognize and support the importance of innovation and strategic thinking. The research network provides Comtrade with an important advantage, giving it early access to the latest findings and an opportunity to collaborate and help direct future research in the area of software development,” added Bauer.

Participation in COST projects also brings positive benefits to the scientists as the participation in a network of specialists and other scientists enables them to better (and more broadly) develop their ideas, which is welcome in terms of research, development and innovation. Researchers, engineers and scientists from the public and private sectors work in the network of COST projects to solve different challenges and receive financing to cover related costs (such as travel expenses, conference and workshop fees, scientific exchanges, training and similar) for a period of four years.

Edit 20 letGregor Molan, MSc, Head of the Comtrade Digital Services research team, said:

“I registered for research activities more than 20 years ago, which has enabled us to participate in targeted research programs (TRP), which included our cooperation with the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. It is due to our past experience of working on numerous research projects that we got the opportunity to work on the EUTYPES project, where we can contribute our knowledge and experience in developing software and services for strategic customers. Our active cooperation in research activities that are a part of the EUTYPES project will further increase Comtrade’s advantage by including the latest developments in mathematical type theory and logic. This enables us to develop specific new programming languages, optimized for creating concrete software solutions for our key customers.

“After four years, we can expect a programming language that will be a step ahead of the competition in the field of high-tech software service development. The greatest advantage for Comtrade will be the use of type theory to formally validate our solutions. In addition to its formal value, such formal proof will also identify the issues that cannot be discovered using the traditional approach to software testing.”


About COST

The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is the longest-running intergovernmental organization that promotes targeted development of science and technology in the European Union. COST was created in 1971 in order to support and promote the multidisciplinary solving of challenges in science and technology, which individual research labs or companies would not have been able to solve on their own.