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01 | 03 | 2019

Comtrade’s Voyego Is Set to Redefine the Global Digital Travel & Mobility Market

February 2019, Dublin/Belgrade – We are proud to announce the transformation of our former Travel & Mobility department into a standalone division, Voyego. From its HQ in Dublin and an office in Berlin, it will service the leading air travel and ground mobility clients the world over.

Our decision to rebrand our aviation and ground mobility teams and extend them leeway to leap further is the result of their stellar performance in the previous years. In 2018, for example, they increased their YOY revenue by 40%, earned international praise and held open brainstorming hackathons, which generated valuable visibility, as well as some fresh and viable ideas for projects.

Focusing solely on innovation as its strategic raison d’être, Voyego will develop and deploy innovative products and services, including retail solutions and fleet sharing platforms for ground mobility providers, as well as payment solutions and UI/UX platforms for airlines.

Voyego’s Digital Transportation Lab will facilitate exploration of best use cases and modalities for enhancing the digitization of travel & mobility organizations with emerging technologies, such as AI, chatbots and blockchain. The Lab will also offer rapid prototyping and consulting services, in Ireland, China, Singapore and DACH at first, followed by other international markets.

The expertise & resources pool of Voyego will be made of Comtrade’s software engineers, Travel & Mobility domain experts and top notch developers the division will recruit through its wide network of innovation professionals. Providing services to the global elite of Travel & Mobility providers will see Voyego’s developers and project leaders work across the globe. “In the coming months, we will be looking for a specific profile of software engineers and developers, who are ready for career quantum leaps. Whether they work in a large company or a small-scale operation, these are people with undisputed technical skills, who are also able to deliver world-class business results and plan their careers longterm”, says COO Vladan Atanasijević of Voyego’s recruitment plans.

Marko Javornik, Voyego’s General Manager, explains the entity’s vision thus: “This move will allow us to establish Voyego as more than an industry leader; an industry shaper and a global champion of technology that maximises the benefits to companies and passengers in the airline and ground mobility markets. Based on the success of 2018, 2019 looks set to be a defining year for both Voyego and the Comtrade Group as a whole.”

As we congratulate our colleagues on their well-received launch, we are looking forward to observing the effect Voyego’s journey will bring to other teams in Comtrade’s family of firms.