We give back

Imagine Comtrade at birth: just a bold vision of an optimized future and a commitment to help build it. Now fast-forward some 25 years.

Our timely investment into technology has paid off, creating jobs for thousands of people, both within Comtrade and in countless companies we have worked with since. That – and making work easier and more productive through IT solutions – has been our contribution to the economy and the society at large.

The future now promises to surpass all expectations and both the careers in the IT sector and competent IT professionals will always be in the highest demand. This is why we at Comtrade feel an obligation to do our share and help educate the new generations of software experts.


Workshops for kids

We support Europe Code Week, UN’s Year of The Light 2015 and similar IT-related initiatives and organize internal events for our employees’ children of all ages. We also mark other Themes and dates: E.g. Lego workshop, Easter workshop etc. Our own volunteers prepare, conduct and supervise all activities.


Knowledge Factory

Likely the largest regional education event in Southeast Europe, it gathers over 3000 students of all ages, their professors, and some visionaries, in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, during two inspiring IT-focused days. The students can explore lectures and workshops about technology, tech-related business and career options.


EDIT Summer IT School

Launched in Ljubljana two decades ago as a casual course for ten students, EDIT has grown into a coveted international project. With seven participating campuses, located from Ireland to Serbia, it now serves over one hundred of the best IT talent in the Comtrade zone of influence each year.


College Bound Dorchester

A non-profit organization in the Boston, USA, area, College Bound is an intervention program helping a thousand kids - former students - get into college and develop into future young leaders. In this way, it’s helping the city migrate and evolve some if its depressed areas. As a sponsor, Comtrade is represented on the Board.

Our best staff members readily mentor new recruits, teach our EDIT Summer School students or host workshops for our employees’ kids and other children we attract through our numerous educational initiatives. Our future workers might be among these youngsters, so, true to our culture, we start grooming them in time.

Živa Gorup Reichmann,

Competency Development Manager

If you would like to propose a program that fits this description, please send us a letter with details, to: sponsorships@comtrade.com. While we cannot promise that we would necessarily commit funds and/or time to it, we will duly consider every pertinent proposal that we receive.