Our Impact

Mass travel à la carte

We digitized Ryanair’s business with a passenger app, portal, and ancillary tools

Our Irish operation partnered with Ryanair, Europe’ largest airline, to develop the  myRyanair, a digital solution able to securely hold profiles of 100+ million passengers, considerably speed up their booking process and fill up four Boeing 737s every minute.

Working from the user interface vision of Ryanair’s design team and using agile methodologies, our scrum team of engineers developed an application, a portal and the underlying ancillary revenue platform over a tight deadline of nine months. In total, we invested 36,000 developer hours – or 18 business years – into the project. From the beginning until its launch, myRyanair underwent constant testing and scrutiny from customers and senior management. It was shortlisted for Private Sector Project of the Year at the annual Tech Excellence Awards In April 2016.

John Hurley, CTO, Ryanair, explained the significance of this collaboration:

“In the future, I see Ryanair as a digital travel leader that happens to have an airline attached to it. We want to use technology to personalize the user experience for our increasingly tech-savvy customer base and myRyanair is very strategic and central to that vision. Our partnership with Comtrade was fundamental to turning myRyanair from a vision to a reality. With the team’s expertise, innovation and unwavering professionalism, Comtrade has helped Ryanair lay the foundations for the future.”