Let’s find the right fit together

A step-by-step guide to our recruitment process

In our recruitment process,
you have the clear advantage

It is easy for you to learn about us and decide if we are indeed what you are looking for. But it is not that easy for us to learn about you and know if you would be the right person for the position we need to fill. We don’t know you. So you have to do the most work, show the right qualities and present your truest self. We will be open-minded, attentive and naturally cautious. The ball is in your court. Use it.

Revisit our websites, social media pages and our job postings at leisure; evaluate them carefully to gauge if you have a clear sense of what we do, who we are and who we seek.

If you like what you see, define how you could best contribute to what we do or to how we do it.

Match the specific aspects we feel strongly about with what you can do, or have done in the past; it’s in your best interest to do it in writing.

Ensure there are no errors or omissions in any materials you are submitting to us when you apply.

Create your profile and fill out our online form; be very careful and don’t wait for the last minute.

Within days, you might be asked to undergo testing; there are two steps: an ability test and a personality test.

You might get more than one interview, especially if you are applying from a distant location.

Prepare your own questions for us; it is a two-way process, with high stakes; let’s be confident about its outcome.

Interview tips

What to expect

First impressions count. We expect you to show us your best skills and convince us that you are passionate about technology and the job we’re offering. We’d like to learn more about you – your personal qualities, experiences, interests, career goals…

You should be able to showcase your strengths, abilities and work experience with confidence and explain how they relate to the role you’re applying for. Interviewing is also your chance to get to know us – so feel free to ask questions.

At Comtrade, we hire people, not resumes. You don’t need to worry about giving “the right answers”. Just let your personality shine and show us how you stand out. And remember: We’re eager to meet you and want you to do well.

It isn’t easy to define what kind of people we seek. Sure, you need to know the latest technologies. You need to be dependable and focused, patient and committed. But what we love to spot in a job candidate is the passion that we have, a tendency to push boundaries, to always want to learn more and explore all the possibilities. That’s who we try to find.

Aleksandar Kozić,

Senior Recruitment Specialist