9 - 15 June


School of Computing
@ Comtrade


Welcome to Thematic CERN School of Computing 2024 @ Comtrade!

Here's how to navigate your way through!

Welcome! We’re so happy to have you at the Comtrade campus in Belgrade, and we’re dedicated to making this week an amazing experience. Here, you’ll have everything you need in one place - spaces to learn, and spaces to relax and have fun with your new friends from around the world. If at any point you need help, please reach out to the organizers, or ask our colleagues at the front desk for assistance.

Have a great time!

Oh yeah, speaking about time, we know how precious it is to you, and here are all the ways to spend it in the best possible manner at the Comtrade campus.

Time for mesmerizing academic sessions

Location: Information Technology School (ITS) main building

The complete academic program will take place in rooms M25 and M26, located on the first floor of the ITS main building - you can find all the info in indico schedule.

welcome-image1 welcome-image1

Time to chill & chat

Your schedule includes regular coffee breaks: check it out here. You will find your drink coupons in your welcome package, grab a drink (coffee, tea, etc.) and relax because we got you covered

Enjoy your drink at our zen space - just look for the smiling people sitting next to a beautiful fountain and you will find our coffee place.


Time for a feast

We all know that it is impossible to process work until we download food, that is why you can enjoy the real feast every day at the ITS restaurant.  It is located at level -1 of the ITS building and offers a wide assortment of meals (including vegan options), desserts, etc.


Time to blow off some steam

If you are up to team sport activities we've got you covered. Stop by Comtrade sports hall, we booked slots for you. You can see when it’s available for your use in the timetable - find it under “Study or sports time”.


Time to crack open the textbooks

Our campus offers a lot of fun stuff, and it is easy to get carried away and forget about your studies, but learning can be fun too.

As our focus is always on knowledge, we encourage you to take your study sessions anywhere you like – yeah even in the sports hall if you must. If you prefer a more quiet place, we prepared special rooms at the Comtrade HQ corporate building just for you. Ask our organizers for guidance.

welcome-image welcome-image

Time for fine dining

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of cuisines. This includes food from our very own Comtrade restaurant and Lounge, and well-known Belgrade restaurants with their famous specialties. Here is the schedule for dinners, bon appetite:


Dinner at restaurant Klub knjizevnika, Francuska 7


Dinner at Comtrade campus (Comtrade IT club), Savski nasip 7


Dinner at restaurant Smokvica, Molerova 33


Networking event at Comtrade IT club, Savski nasip 7