Chrome extensions privacy policy


Comtrade group companies publish extensions for Chrome browser  in Chrome Web Store. The following sections contain Privacy Policies for each extension published.

Comtrade DigSig Plugin


Comtrade DigSig Plugin handles user data only to complete XML digital signature, with help of Comtrade’s native application that has access to user’s signing key, and then returns the signature to Chrome browser. Comtrade DigSig Plugin does not sent data to remote locations.

Full text:

This extension is intended for all users of software solutions, which use Comtrade DigSig component for digital signing of documents.

The component consists of two parts,  Google Chrome extension piece and standalone installation file, which is available on the website of the manufacturer.

For more information, please visit:

Comtrade DigSig Plugin handles the user’s personal data that user enters into signing form, and/or that come from the web server/application initiating the digital signature.

Plugin forwards the user data to the native application on the same computer (installed beforehand on the computer – from above mentioned standalone installation file). Native application has access to user’s signing key via cryptography API and upon user confirmation, digitally signs the data according to the XML Digital Signature standard. Then native application returns the XML Digital Signature to Plugin. Plugin returns signature to Chrome browser. Chrome browser returns the signature to  web server/application that initiated the digital signature.

Comtrade DigSig Plugin does NOT facilitate the transfer of the user data outside the ecosystem of web application/server that initiated the digital signature. Comtrade does NOT receive user data.

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