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07 | 03 | 2011

Citrix XenServer Management Pack 2.10 is out

ComTrade is announcing the release of the Citrix XenServer Management Pack (MP) version 2.10, which offers the following new features:

  • Detection of pool master failures and automatic reconfiguration
    MP will immediately trigger an alert if a pool master becomes unavailable and try its best to reconfigure itself with a new pool master. This enables quick reactions to pool master instability and ensures uninterrupted management of XenServer infrastructure.
  • Greatly improved scalability
    A single MP proxy system can now manage hundreds of hosts and thousands of VMs.
  • Enhanced product knowledge
    XenServer alerts now provide more granular information about issues and hints on how to resolve them.
  • Added support for XenServer 5.6 FP1

Learn more about the new version of Citrix XenServer Management Pack at or contact us for a free webinar.

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