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26 | 03 | 2014

Comtrade at CebIT 2014 showing its SW engineering services

Hannover. Comtrade has taken part in CeBIT this year, as an exhibitor, showcasing its software engineering and product development services. The fact that CeBIT , a well-known IT business event, has focused this year completely on business users, was the primary reason for Comtrade to be a part of CeBIT once again, after 8 years. This year, the topic was “Datability” the official Partner Country, Great Britain, over 100 countries participated and live conferences hosted to such iconic personalities as Steve Wozniak and Jimmy Wales.
As for our involvment, several constructives meeting held, a few leads generated and also we were in a position to expirience face-to-face how similar companies market themselves and their services. Overall it was a valuable experience.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the atmosphere in Hannover this March.
Also you can watch this video about Cebit 2014.