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18 | 01 | 2011

ComTrade, formerly HERMES SoftLab, to present Testing Services, Device Driver Development and Automotive Solutions at embedded world 2011

ComTrade at embedded world 2011 (Nuremberg, March 1-3, 2011), Hall 11/ Stand 11-221

At embedded world 2011 ComTrade, formerly HERMES SoftLab, the international provider for embedded and general software development services, will focus on three topics: testing services, designing and programming device drivers and embedded solutions for the automotive industry. The company has more than 1,000 engineers available for onsite and offsite development and over 20 years of experience with state-of-the-art technologies in embedded software engineering. Their expertise is the foundation to the special services ComTrade can offer its customers in Europe and world-wide.

Automated Testing
As the name “ComTrade Quality Assurance” implies, ComTrade’s specialists of this department analyze software and embedded software for applications from high-tech to automotive and other areas from the Quality Assurance perspective. In onsite or offsite test projects they help development teams to meet product and project requirements in high-quality and on time. ComTrade’s test methodologies include test strategy, estimation and planning, test execution, reporting and defect management. The keystone of “ComTrade Quality Assurance” is automated testing. By employing automated test tools, tests can be executed in shorter time especially during non-productive hours like at night or on weekends and they decrease the time required for regression testing. Automated testing lowers the deployment risk and cuts verification cost of new released versions. At the same time, it frees man-power and creativity for the actual development assignments of the development team.

Device Drivers Development
At embedded world, ComTrade will showcase its unique expertise in device driver development: An exciting demo will be featured, showing a 3D-simulation of a car tilt, where data is processed by the latest PSOC5 platform. For the last 20 years, ComTrade has been a leader in managing the entire development lifecycle, designing, architecting and implementing thousands of device driver solutions across all major operating systems, hardware platforms and software environments. The company’s experience in testing and debugging of drivers including extensive hardware monitoring has made ComTrade the best choice for many customers. Having ComTrade’s engineers with knowledge of the latest technologies at their disposal, companies can use their internal resources to focus on domain knowledge and significantly shorten their products’ time-to-market.

Automotive Solutions
Automotive industry is one of important areas ComTrade is focusing on, especially as technologies from other domains, such as consumer electronics and IT, have found their way into the modern car. ComTrade’s engineers possess broad knowledge and experience in various technologies, bringing significant advantage to their customers. Image processing and pattern recognition, which is used in gaming for recognizing cards, can also be employed for recognizing license plates or traffic signs. Audio and video streaming can be used in a secured GSM voice communication, a hands-free phone set or in a multimedia automotive device for playing music from an USB memory stick. ComTrade owns vast experience gained in countless embedded software projects for well-known global automotive suppliers, starting from navigation systems, multimedia playback devices, hands-free phone interfaces, fleet control devices, to components of automotive body electronics.

At embedded world 2011, the ComTrade team will present these and other services and technologies at stand 11-221 in Hall 11. Several presentations and demos will illustrate how ComTrade’s engineers can either deliver valuable support at any step within the development process or even manage and conduct the whole development project.

About COMTRADE EMBEDDED GROUP ComTrade is an international provider for embedded and semi-embedded software development services. ComTrade‘s technical knowledge and R&D services cover the whole software life-cycle and include requirements engineering, design and architecture, on-site and off-site development from device drivers to complete integrated applications, testing and troubleshooting, project management, and support. ComTrade’s teams of embedded and IT experts are also experienced in tackling semi-embedded projects or technologies at the peripherals of the core embedded development, like Human Machine Interface (HMI) design, diagnostics, management infrastructure, reporting, and pre-developed integrations. Customers benefit from the specialized skills of more than 1000 ComTrade engineers in key industries like automotive, measurement devices, telecommunications, multimedia, medical, and energy, and the company’s high technology and quality standards as documented among others in ComTrade’s ISO 9001:2000/TickIT certification from BSI Quality Assurance. By employing ComTrade’s up-to-date and reliable expertise, customers can speed up their products’ time-to-market and gain some competitive edge.

About COMTRADE ComTrade, with headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia, (formerly known as Hermes SoftLab) is an international provider of IT solutions and software engineering services serving over 300 clients in 16 countries – high-tech vendors, telecommunication companies, financial institutions and the public sector. We offer industry-leading expertise in data storage management, embedded systems, network systems management, gaming, telecommunications, e-solutions, and customized application development. We give our customers a clear competitive edge by consistently delivering high quality technology products and services. Our commitment is to provide up to date, reliable expertise and to bring the highest standards of software engineering and R&D to their projects. ComTrade Software Solutions GmbH, München, is the German subsidiary of ComTrade.

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