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22 | 04 | 2009

ComTrade Group donated informational health system worth 6.5 million dinars to the Barajevo Health Center

Belgrade city major Mr. Dragan Đilas, ComTrade Group president Mr. Veselin Jevrosimović, president of Barajevo municipality Mrs. Branka Savić, Jasmina Savić Joksimović coming from City Secretariat for Health, Nada Teodosijević and Saša Rikanović from Board of Health, have visited Barajevo Health Center “Dr Milorad Vlajković” on April 22, 2009, when the project was presented to the public.

“Thanks to the ComTrade donation Barajevo Health Center has a modern health informational system now. It is our wish to equally develop all the city municipals. Barajevo municipal is the first one in which medical doctors can dedicate more of their time to the patient instead to the administrative work. It is of a crucial matter for major companies in Belgrade to show the highest level of social responsibility and help this city development. This donation is an excellent example of how a company, which is a leader in its industry and is achieving admirable results world wide, can use its expertise for city’s benefits”, stated Belgrade city major Mr. Dragan Đilas.

“This informational health systems intended for primary health protection is one of the most modern ever implemented in Serbia. My hope is that in the following period these informational health systems will become a standard in our health sector in terms of patients e-health service as well as e-cardboards” stated Mr. Veselin Jevrosimović, ComTrade Group’s president.

“We are very satisfied that this ‘pilot project’ is launched in our health center, because our doctors’ job will be significantly facilitated in terms of spending less time on administration and more time with the patient. The organization level will be remarkable and we will be able to have all the data relevant to patient’s health stored in one system which will achieve its maximum efficiency once all the health protection systems are interrelated”, emphasized Nada Vasiljević, director of “Dr Milorad Vlajković” Health Center.

This system implementation maximizes the efficiency of time spent with patients, beginning with the reception where the patient is identified via health book bar-code scanning (which provides immediate administrative data for the concrete patient, pulled from the informational data base ), during the medical check up itself as well as the theraphy giving which includes automated perscription printing as well as providing different statistics and reports. By using this modern informational system, medical doctors spend less time completing adminitrative procedures which leaves them more time to spent with the patient and establish a proper diagnosis. Besides time-saving factor, newly implemented system reduces the error factor due to the use of e-boardcard where all patient’s relevant data is stored (alergies, risk factors, hronical diseases and similar).

In addition to this modern health system implemented in Barajevo Health Center, Spinnaker has developed a IT solution tailored to the need of General Hospital in Zrenjanin. All the specialty health centers and stationary health workstations are part of this hospital’s domain. More than 1000 medical workers provide medical help for more than 90,000 patients on annual basis.