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09 | 10 | 2015

Comtrade is celebrating Code Week by introducing young minds to the wonders of technology



From October 10 to 18, Europe is celebrating Code Week, an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of encouraging and supporting young people in their pursuit of education and careers in information technology.

In recognition of this important event, Comtrade is organizing a fun-oriented, educational robot-building workshop “My First Robot”, which will be held at the company’s locations across the region:

  • Belgrade, Kragujevac, Serbia – October 3
  • Banja Luka, Sarajevo, BiH – October 13
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia – October 26
  • Maribor, Slovenia – October 28

The fun and engaging workshop will provide schoolchildren ages 8 to 14 with an opportunity to learn more about robotics and coding through play-based and age appropriate presentations and activities.

As an advocate of IT education for the youngest generations, Comtrade is excited to celebrate Code Week and help educate and inspire young people – potential engineers and coders of tomorrow – through this unique robotics workshop.