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12 | 05 | 2018

Comtrade Is Sponsoring the Largest Oracle Event of the Year – Oracle Innovative Technologies Summit 2018

Comtrade is again a sponsor of the largest Oracle’s annual event – Oracle Innovative Technologies Summit 2018 – which will take place in Brdo pri Kranju on 14 and 15 May.

The event will showcase the latest approaches to building business applications and using data for machine learning and user interaction. Participants will be able to learn about new mobile and online application development paradigms and modern technologies, such as chatbots and machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis algorithms. There will also be the discussion of the Internet of Things and Big Data approaches to streaming data as well as the ability to see tools for digital marketing, user experience analysis and integration of business reporting tools built upon unified data sources.

The event will provide a glimpse at the new Oracle database features and the future of RMDBs – an autonomous database used by data warehouses and transactional systems.

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