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24 | 04 | 2023

Comtrade office in spotlight: Belgrade technology center!

Take a virtual walk through one of the largest IT campuses in Serbia and the region

A market leader for more than 30 years, our company today employs several thousands of people who work across more than 35 global locations. Most of them are software engineers, and with opening new business and sales centers in Europe, USA and Asia, this number only continues to grow.

Apart from great possibilities for career advancements, exciting projects and amazing benefits, a special focus is being put on creating a motivational professional environment. In order to provide everything needed for productive and fun workdays, Comtrade interior design on all locations is guided by the key principles of company culture and its business style – which are based on cooperation, mentorship and teamwork.

This, of course, is true for our largest technology center in Belgrade, which offers to its employees everything they need during the workday at one place! Comfortable open spaces are designed to accommodate quick consultations and discussions between engineers working on the same project, and also bring teams together. The same principle has been applied to conference rooms, ready to support in-person and online meetings.

Today, our Belgrade campus is an innovative, inspiring and interesting working environment: a contemporary space with a multitude of amenities that attract experienced engineers, but also young IT talents. Here’s only some of them:

  • A coffee shop and a lounge bar, which our employees gladly use for smaller meetings, business events and gatherings or simply to relax and have fun with other colleagues;
  • A sports and event center, great for those maintaining an active lifestyle, used as a space for company and business tournaments – but also recreational workshops and a free of charge basketball school for Comtrade little ones;
  • A gym with top-class equipment with dedicated fitness coaches, where guided trainings are being organized multiple times during the day;
  • Company restaurant, offering breakfast and lunch (and of course, desserts) at discounted prices, with options adjusted to various nutrition regimes and diets;
  • Access to a contemporary media studio within the campus.


Wondering how a day at Comtrade in Belgrade looks like with all of these amazing resources? Take a look!