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31 | 03 | 2010

Comtrade SI supports ”Invest in Serbia 2010” fair

Final event of the local governments’ contest for promotion of investments „Invest in Serbia 2010“, organized by USAID Municipal Economic Growth Program, was held on March 31st 2010 at Crystal Hall of Hyatt Regency hotel in Belgrade. 30 municipalities and cities were exhibiting together with their distinguished representatives, taking part in demonstrations of capacities for attracting and retaining investors. During the fair, two panel discussions also took place, with participation of foreign ambassadors and managers of successful companies. Comtrade SI appeared on the fair in partnership with City of Kragujevac, and was represented by our colleague from Kragujevac office Ivana Bošković.

Stands of municipalities, as well as their marketing and communications capacities, were reviewed by specialized jury and by the visitors during the final event in Hyatt. Entire happening ended with announcement of the winners and the award ceremony. Awards were handed out by Vice-president in the Government of Republic of Serbia and Minister for economy and regional development Mlađan Dinkić, Vice-president for European integration in the Government of Republic of Serbia and Minister for science and technological development Božidar Đelić and Minister for environment and special planning Oliver Dulić.

Comtrade SI support to growth, development and innovation was demonstrated through a success story about a partnership project, while the company also supported participation of City of Kragujevac in this event. This interesting story about business success and cooperation between ComTrade, University of Kragujevac (Faculty for Natural sciences and mathematics) and local government on issues related to local industry revealed proactive attitude and complete dynamics of mutual relations. This example focused on relations between industry, education sector and public administration, and illustrated a successful business cooperation consisting in implementation of specialized professional training in the area of informatics. This case study at one hand pointed out the difficulties the municipalities are facing (unavailability of IT experts), but at the other it demonstrated proactive and creative approach of local administration in effort to resolve the issue step by step (by organizing training after successful model of Comtrade SI’ summer school of programming).

Once again, Comtrade SI proved its dedication to development of IT sector, young, ambitious cadres and every form of cooperation with local administrations and educational institutions from the region.