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08 | 09 | 2016

Comtrade sponsors the new DevOps and Software Testing conference

We are pleased to announce that the 1st DevOps and Testing conference will be held from 13-14 October 2016 at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The 2-day testing community event is expected to attract 200+ test engineers, test leads, test leaders, quality directors and other key industry professionals from the Adriatic region, DUCH countries, Ireland and UK. It will represent a unique opportunity for individuals working in software testing, software security and software quality to exchange opinions, showcase their projects and stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments.

The DevOps and Testing conference will cover a wide scope of topics, including Agile methods in Testing, DevOps, Automated Testing, Quality Assurance and Security. A diverse line-up of keynote speakers will be taking the stage to share their industry knowledge, discuss the latest innovations and trends and guide the testing community forward.

“DevOps is all about breaking down the barriers between Dev, Test and Ops groups through automation. In my speech, I will address the challenges of continuous testing and integrating automated testing into DevOps”, said Joan Wrabetz, CTO of Quali, who will be joining the lineup.

Other confirmed speakers include Colin O’Brien, Head of QA & Change Control at Ryanair Labs, Finn Lorbeer, Quality Acrobat at Thoughtworks and Milan Gabor, Founder and CEO of Viris.

“The DevOps and Testing conference aims to provide a valuable insight into the dynamic world of IT testing. By gathering a diverse group of delegates, the event will highlight industry best practices, while at the same time enabling participants to expand their business contacts and forge new partnerships”, said Nikola Šopar, Director of Quality at Comtrade.

The conference will host a roundtable titled ‘How to ensure good quality in projects of Digital transformation’, providing senior tech executives with a chance to meet face-to-face and discuss current topics, challenges, strategies and opportunities.

Set to bring the testing community together, it will also offer an opportunity to chat with fellow delegates at the networking event at Club CD.

Registration for the DevOps and Testing conference is now open. For more information visit:

For further information on tickets and sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Evelina-Emma Robas
Media Contact: Tatjana Ferendino, PR Manager, Comtrade Group

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