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27 | 05 | 2008

First Anniversary of HERMES SoftLab, Montenegro

A Successful First Year of Operation in Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro, 27 May 2008 – These days, HERMES SoftLab is celebrating the first anniversary of opening a new subsidiary in Montenegro, based in Podgorica. The subsidiary is also being rapidly included in the integration processes with its new owner, the international company ComTrade Group, which formed a strategic alliance this spring with the parent company HERMES SoftLab from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The company will mark this anniversary today at 7 PM with an event for the professional public organised in the Podgorica hotel, where they will also present their new strategic plans in light of the recent strategic alliance with ComTrade Group.

Last year, the subsidiary recorded a planned growth on the Montenegrin market for IT solutions and services, with other new markets opening as well, especially in Macedonia. This year’s plans correspond to the operating strategy of HERMES SoftLab, which is planning a strengthened business expansion in the Adriatic region and elsewhere in Europe, together with its new strategic partner ComTrade Group.

This joint presence in the Adriatic region will enable them to additionally expand its IT solutions and services with high added value in the field of public administration, financial institutions and providers of telecommunication services. In all these projects, they will make use of the knowledge and expertise that they acquired in 18 years of developing software and solutions for clients from around the world and the valuable experiences of the new owner, the ComTrade Group company, which is exceedingly well acquainted especially with the markets of the Adriatic region.

Predrag Leković, Managing Director of HERMES SoftLab, Montenegro:
“Our first year of operation was successful, pursuing the goals and strategy of our parent company HERMES SoftLab. This year, we are facing an intensive integration process and a harmonisation of strategy with the new owner, the ComTrade Group company. Due to the several synergies, we can expect good possibilities for additionally expanding our array of services and solutions in the future, thus becoming even more competitive in the heart of the Adriatic region.”

Gregor Smrekar, Chairman of the Management Board of HERMES SoftLab:
“We are happy to celebrate the first anniversary of the operation of our Montenegrin subsidiary, which recorded planned growth last year. We are facing new business challenges, as this year, HERMES SoftLab has formed a strategic alliance with the international company ComTrade Group. Through joint efforts, we are already becoming the largest provider of IT services in the area of Southeast Europe and the company in Montenegro will of course be included in our new operation strategy.”

Veselin Jevrosimović, president of ComTrade Group:
“It will be an honour to work with the experienced team of Montenegrin colleagues who have recorded good growth already in the first year of operation. We currently have a lot of work with the integration of both companies and the formation of a joint strategy for the market of Southeast Europe.”