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12 | 07 | 2005

First Implementation of Navision with Manufacturing Module in Serbia Successfully Completed

On 07.07.2005 the Spinnaker Navision Team successfully completed the implementation of the ERP Program MBS-Navision in the FEMAN company in Jagodina. This is the first Navision project in Serbia-Montenegro, which has implemented the overall functionalities of the user, including production process monitoring.

FEMAN is the leading manufacturer of cable equipment and a wide range of tools for electric installations. They opted for the implementation of the ERP information system due to the need for quality production process monitoring and cost reduction on all levels of business operations, with the goal of boosting company competitiveness both domestically and abroad.

The implementation of Navision lasted six months and was carried out by Spinnakers Navision team in consortium with the Softprojekt company from Ljubljana, which will participate in the current maintenance of the IT system in FEMAN. In accordance with the provisions of the ON TARGET methodology, the following allocation domains have been implemented: finances management, procurement, sales, supplies management, personnel records and wages accounting, fixed assets, production, retail, internal restaurant operations, as well as reporting for the top management.