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07 | 09 | 2006

HERMES SoftLab buys majority share of Virtual Team company from Kragujevac

Kragujevac, 7th September 2006 – At the Serbian’s INVEST EXPO ’06 HERMES SoftLab, headquartered in Ljubljana today announced a purchase of a majority share of Virtual Team Company from Serbia. Hermes SoftLab thus became the only shareholder of the Serbian company. The company Virtual Team was renamed to HERMES SoftLab d.o.o., Srbija.

Virtual Team d.o.o. Kragujevac was established by HERMES SoftLab and Virtual Team in 2005 as a logical continuation of a long business cooperation at numerous development project in the field of software and IT solutions. The decision to purchase the company is in accordance with the HERMES SoftLab strategy of strengthening their business in the Adriatic region.

HERMES SoftLab plans an intense growth of business in the Serbian IT solutions market. With offerings in the field of e-solutions, development and application integration and IT services management, the company plans to become an important supplier for the telecommunications companies, financial institutions, public sector and for other enterprises. The Serbian subsidiary currently employs 20 development engineers with several years of experience in the field of software development. It is specialized to develop mobile applications, custom application building, and for the development of software in the .NET environment. The local company has headquarters in Kragujevac and a sales office in Belgrade. HERMES SoftLab Srbija will be run by the current general manager Vladan Atanasijević.

Peter Testen, CEO and president of the Managing Board, HERMES SoftLab: »The purchase of the Virtual Team is an upgrade of our cooperation. We bought the company because of their excellent references in the field of software development, the competent employees, and ambitious plans we have in the Adriatic region. While developing business in the local market, the HERMES SoftLab Srbija will be supported by HERMES SoftLab, one of the biggest regional IT solutions and software engineering providers in the region, which gives the Serbian company additional credibility, and is a guarantee for the local customers to receive high quality IT solutions and services. We plan an intensive growth of the company, by revenue and by number of employees. We wish that the Serbian IT knowledge, accumulated in the company, would contribute in the long term to the faster development of the Serbian economy. «

Vladan Atanasijević, general manager, HERMES SoftLab Srbija: »The joining of Virtual Team into the HERMS SoftLab group confirms that we had done a good job in the past 5 years; we had recognised the global trends in IT development industry and were able to find quality partners as the HERMES SoftLab. Virtual Team, now known as HERMES SoftLab Srbija, in the last year employed 9 new IT specialists, who work on projects for our customers, some of these being Microsoft, Gospodarska zbornica Srbije, Mobitel, and many others. We plan to employ 50 IT specialists by the end of the year 2007. The goal of HERMES SoftLab Srbija is to become one of the most important development centres of the HERMES SoftLab group.«

HERMES SoftLab will continue to employ young IT specialists and through specialized student trainee ships and other forms of expert study courses further cooperate with University of Kragujevac. Employees will have numerous possibilities of international career and opportunities to participate in the programs of internal education at HERMES SoftLab group.