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21 | 10 | 2005

HERMES SoftLab introduces Identity Management solutions

Ljubljana, October 2005.- HERMES SoftLab today at a customer event has introduced an extension to its offering in the area of Identity and Access Management solutions based on HP OpenView products.

Identity management is the overall management of information about users and their associated access rights to company information and systems. This is especially important as organizations today are relying more and more on e-business to run their business processes and interact with partners and customers. An efficient Identity Management system allows enterprises to rapidly provision users with the tools that grant or deny access, to control the information they are allowed to access and, where appropriate, set-up single sign-on.

HP OpenView software for Identity Management streamlines the process of managing user identities, access privileges and security across multiple applications and systems. The identity-provisioning offering, called HP OpenView Select Identity, is integrated with HP OpenView Select Access to form a complete identity management solution that automates access control and enables increased security for enterprises. Identity Management solutions will enable IT departments to become more efficient by automating the provisioning of users and the control of information access ultimately making IT more efficient to support the business demands.

HERMES SoftLab has over 10 years of experience in the areas of Network, Systems and Application Management (NSM), which enables us to deliver premium IT Service Management and a long track record delivering e-business solutions where security and identity management is a critical component, such as solutions include the e-Taxes solution for the Slovenian Tax Administration and an e-banking solution in use at 17 banks at the region.

HERMES SoftLab will deliver consulting and implementation services in the area of Identity Management and will provide end-to-end solution and solution-support based on HP OpenView Select Identity and Select Access products.

Sebastjan Plavec, Marketing Director at HERMES SoftLab: “By adding the Identity Management solutions to our portfolio, we believe that with the combination of our expertise in the e-business and the IT Service Management solution spaces, we are in position to assist our customers better understand their pains and challenges and deliver solutions that will fully cover their needs.”