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06 | 12 | 2005

HERMES SoftLab launched new application management product – SPI for Documentum at HP Software Universe event 2005

December 6th 2005 – HP Software Universe, Nice, France – HERMES SoftLab announced the availability of the application management product SMART Plug-in (SPI) for Documentum on HP OpenView Operations platform. This best-in-class management solution delivers complete operational management solution for complex Documentum environments. By using HERMES SoftLabs’s product, businesses reduce the complexity of understanding and managing Documentum-based business applications and services.

”SPI for Documentum is the latest in our branded product initiative into application management. HERMES SoftLab has a long relationship with HP and is a big proponent of the OpenView approach to management. The result is truly one of the best application management efforts we have been involved in. We are confident to provide significant value to customers with complex EMC Documentum deployments with this product.” stated Peter Testen, CEO of HERMES SoftLab.

This HERMES SoftLab’s product provides business service assurance for critical Documentum applications. It monitors the complete distributed Documentum environment and the impact of individual components on business critical services. SPI for Documentum helps understanding performance of the system: from resource consumption on the infrastructure to end-user response times on key business transactions. While using this product, it is easy to confirm and localize performance and availability problems.

SPI for Documentum is compatible with Documentum 5.2/5.3, Windows 2000/2003 Server family, AIX 5.1/5.2, HP-UX 11/11i, Solaris 8/9 and is integrated with HP OV/Operations for Windows 7.2x and 7.5, HP OV/Operations for Unix 7.x and 8.x with HP OV Reporter 3.x.

HERMES SoftLab’s SPI for Documentum along with SPI for Citrix and SPI for Siebel is available through resellers worldwide and directly from HERMES SoftLab’s offices throughout North American and Europe.