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28 | 10 | 2009

HERMES SoftLab leads personalized service for Irish consumers

Building on strategic partnership with Voxeo to bring IM, SMS, Twitter and phone support to companies who care about their customers

October 28th, 2009, Cologne and Dublin – Voxeo, the leading provider of Unlocked Communications platforms, and HERMES SoftLab, a leading European IT solutions provider have partnered to help businesses improve how they interact with their customers.

The partnership will have an initiative starting in the Irish market which will give companies the ability to personalize how customers contact them, providing choices to suit each individual’s unique preferences and lifestyle. By incorporating Voxeo’s VoiceObjects platform into its offering, HERMES SoftLab customers will be able to develop applications that fully utilize and manage the voice, Mobile Web, SMS, video and IM chat contact channels.

The partnership will see Voxeo, the global provider of the industry-leading VoiceObjects platform, work closely with HERMES SoftLab to increase adoption of phone self-service technology among a variety of sectors in the Irish market.

Voxeo´s VoiceObjects phone application server is completely standards-based, simplifying the development, deployment and management of self-service applications. This will facilitate HERMES SoftLab to reduce the time to market for its solutions while giving its customers complete control over the application development platform.

The solution offers unique self-service functions, such as the deployment of a single application across any popular phone channel, whether it’s voice, text or mobile web.

“The new HERMES SoftLab solution based on Voxeo’s products means we are at last able to offer businesses solutions that allow for customer contact that suits every individual, whatever their preference and lifestyle,” said Janko Cajhen, CEO of HERMES SoftLab. “Positive customer feedback is more important than ever as businesses start to emerge from the economic downturn, and giving customers choices that make their life easier is an essential part of this.”

“This partnership will allow us to increase self-service adoption in the Irish market as well as on international markets and ensure companies are allowing for personalised contact from their customers” Janko Cajhen added.

“We are committed to bringing personalised phone self-service to enterprises in the Irish market, and the initiative with HERMES SoftLab is key in achieving this,” said Jonathan Taylor, CEO of Voxeo. “Both Voxeo’s and HERMES SoftLab’s believe open, multi-channel standards give Irish companies unprecedented flexibility to manage their customer interactions.”