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13 | 09 | 2007

HERMES SoftLab presents solutions for insurance companies

Belgrade, September 13th 2007 – Hermes SoftLab presented solutions for Serbian insurance companies at the regional conference of insurance professionals entitled “Simplify the World of Insurance”. At the event, where over fifty professionals from the Serbian insurance world took part, new integral solutions for e-business, solutions for insurance business process management, document management and archiving solutions and business intelligence solutions have all been presented.

HERMES SoftLab professionals, in cooperation with various partners, presented HERMES SoftLab integral electronic business solutions, which cover both business relationships with clients as well as with business partners. Special emphasis was placed on demonstrations of case-studies which HERMES SoftLab devised for insurance companies and institutions (Vehicle and damages registry, web portal for conclusion of insurances at

Participants at the conference were acquainted with business process management solutions in insurance companies. Examples were shown of solutions to integrate business processes, contribute to their flexibility and ease of management, reduce or completely neutralize their dependence on limitations of legacy systems and lower the costs of operation. Examples were shown of solutions for linking monolith and technically unlinkable applications, thus creating a shortcut for the necessary simplification of processes and organization in insurance companies.

In cooperation with partner firm Insfocus, solutions for the assurance of reliable and up to date information were unveiled, the latter representing a cornerstone for business decision making at all levels within an insurance company.

The opening speech at the professional conference was held by Ms. Nada Klemenčič, founder of the Za&Svet company and long running chair of the management board of Triglav insurance company: “The following are the key factors for sound business decisions in insurance: professional staff, business process management, fast and reliable information, a good sales network and introduction of new e-sales channels on the market. At the professional conference organized by HERMES SoftLab and partners, the leading professionals in Serbian insurance companies were given the opportunity to become acquainted with insurance solutions, which are dictated by modern trends and mandated by the market. HERMES SoftLab has the capability to deliver solutions for insurance companies, as many successfully concluded projects show, along with their investments into building domain/insurance knowledge and extensive experience in the largest international IT projects.”

Peter Testen, chairman of the management board and CEO at HERMES SoftLab: “At HERMES SoftLab we are fully aware that the key to successful IT solutions lies with understanding and adaptating to specific business processes of various companies. That is why we at HERMES SoftLab began strategically investing into both technological as well as industry/domain knowledge. One of the strategic areas is also insurance. Today I can say without a doubt that we have an excellent team of experts who have detailed knowledge of the specific needs and solutions for insurance companies. We also have reference projects which were successfully carried out for various insurance companies. I am glad to see many different representatives of insurance companies from the entire region coming together in Belgrade. Our common conclusion of the conference is that only insurance companies with good information systems will emerge as the winners of tomorrow.”