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24 | 11 | 2008

HERMES SoftLab receives TOP 10 award for investments in employee education

Ljubljana, 24 November 2008 – The 8th traditional Education Management conference, organized by Planet GV and Sofos Institute for Education Management, hosted the seventh annual award ceremony for TOP 10 Slovenian companies who invest the most resources into education and systematically strive for education and training (TOP 10 Education Management 2008). HERMES SoftLab is one of those TOP 10 Slovenian companies.

All of the TOP 10 companies who received the award share a success in business, showing a direct correlation between employee education and business success.

Gregor Smrekar, CEO, HERMES SoftLab: “HERMES SoftLab can retain its competitive edge on the demanding markets of Western Europe, the Adriatic region and domestic markets only if our employees know more than our competitors and have competences others do not. We achieve this by constant training and education of all employees. The TOP 10 award is a recognition for HERMES SoftLab and a result of internal partnership of those, who are prepared to share their knowledge with co-workers, those who wish to develop and expand their knowledge and those who are aware of the importance of knowledge for HERMES SoftLab and thus promote investments into development of the knowledge of employees.”

Most of the education activities in HERMES SoftLab is directed towards developing key competences, which are defined in the HERMES SoftLab group strategy. HERMES SoftLab performs 40 percent of education events with internal trainers and 60 percent with external ones. As many as 87 percent of employees are included in functional training and 2 percent in formal education.

Companies sharing the TOP 10 list with HERMES SoftLab are: Ernst & Young, Gorenje, Helios Količevo – manufacturer of paints, varnish and artificial resin, Krka pharmaceuticals, Lek pharmaceuticals, Merkur, Smart Com, Trimo and Unija accounting.