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20 | 12 | 2006

HERMES SoftLab signs contract with Montenegrin government

Podgorica, Montenegro, 20 December 2006 –Peter Testen, CEO of HERMES SoftLab, and Igor Lukšić, Montenegrin Finance Minister today signed a contract in Podgorica on the development of a solution for uniform electronic reporting on due and settled contributions by employers to all public institutions, called Unified Collection Gateway. The contract value of the project excluding VAT is 1.04 million euros.

The solution represents a uniform access point, which allows taxpayers (employers) and insurants (employees) to communicate with administrators irrespective of whether the issue is settling their obligations or asserting their rights. This central communication point is a joint e-portal, which, on the one hand, allows the business entity to carry out registration and reporting (filing tax returns and data), while allowing the insurant to asserts his rights (insight into due and settled contributions and taxes) on the other.

HERMES SoftLab’s solution will be integrated into the Tax Administration, Pension Fund, the Health Insurance Institute and the Employment Office’s back office. The solution, which represents the first e-service provided by the Montenegrin government, is based on the foundations of HERMES SoftLab’s e-Partner, a holistic solution for electronic commerce, which is the result of our own development.

Igor Lukšić, Finance Minister of Montenegro: »Today’s signing will provide us with a solution which will lower the state’s administrative costs and will allow for simultaneous reporting on due and settled contributions on behalf of employers. The investment is strategic in its natures and represents a significant progress in the development of the Montenegrin public administration. We trust HERMES SoftLab based on their expertise in the field of public administration e-solutions development, combined with excellent references. I am confident that we will complete the project by the end of 2007.«

Peter Testen, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, HERMES SoftLab: »For HERMES SoftLab, this is the second major project within the scope of services and solutions which we offer the public sector in Montenegro. The first, which we are successfully implementing, is the establishment of a central population registry of Montenegro. The knowledge and expertise which we built up over our 16-year history of software and solutions development for global contractors and the experience which we acquired during the last few years on projects we have been working on for the public administration in Slovenia will hold us in good stead for the project which we signed the contract for today. Concurrently with the conclusion of today’s contract, we are beginning to establish our presence on the Montenegrin market, which is in line with the strategy of asserting our presence in the Adriatic region, the latter representing our primary market for s-solutions and development centres.«

Podpisovanje pogodbe – Igor Lukšić (minister za finance ČG), Peter Testen (HERMES SoftLab)