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27 | 01 | 2009

HERMES SoftLab to Exhibit in London at the International Gaming Expo – 2009!

IGE 2009
stand no 3564
London, UK
January 27th – 29th, 2009

Due to the success of last year’s show, gaming and gambling software provider HERMES SoftLab will exhibit at IGE 2009 at Stand Number 3564. HERMES SoftLab has an international presence with offices in the USA and Europe and brings almost two decades of proven software development know-how to the gaming and gambling industry.

HERMES SoftLab provides software engineering and integration services to casino equipment vendors and online gaming service providers. Their services include software architecture and design, development and testing.

At this year’s show, HERMES SoftLab will present a number of new solutions for casino vendors including:

  • gaming platform
  • game content development services
  • system testing
  • and test automation development.

During 2008, HERMES SoftLab has designed and developed a number of building blocks as part of their software offer to adding more value to their customers’ development services and reducing time to market and overall software maintenance costs. During the show, HERMES SoftLab will showcase new technologies such as Gaming Standards Association (GSA) Game to System (G2S) protocol stack building blocks with simulators.

Gaming Best Practices & Private Session to Visitors

During the show, solution architects will be on hand at HERMES SoftLab’s stand no 3564 to share their best practices with key gaming industry players. If the show get’s too much, then why not pop by our stand where you will find an oasis of peace and comfort and an opportunity for a free head massage to ease the busy day. Visitors will be welcomed by key members of our gaming team and further information about HERMES SoftLab and our products and services will be available on the stand. If you would like to pre book your meeting with the HERMES SoftLab solutions architects then please contact us in advance at

About HERMES SoftLab

HERMES SoftLab, member of ComTrade Group, is an international software engineering services provider, expert in gaming software design, development and testing. With our network of international offices, gaming and gambling professionals can draw on a wide range of expertise throughout Europe and the United States. HERMES SoftLab brings almost two decades of proven software know-how to the casino and on-line gaming industry. More information at:

About International Gaming Expo (IGE)

This new show brings together the ICE and ICEi exhibitions, as well as the low-stake gaming element of ATEI (Amusement trade exhibition), to offer a world-class gaming show under one roof. It takes place at Earls Court between Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th of January 2009.