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19 | 12 | 2008

HERMES SoftLab’s latest solutions for gaming at IGE 2009

HERMES SoftLab developed a key building block for a new generation of gaming platforms.

HERMES SoftLab fully equipped to support Games to System Protocol

December 19th 2008, LONDON – HERMES SoftLab, leading software engineering services and IT solutions company for the gaming industry has today announced it is now fully equipped to support G2S (Games to System) protocol ensuring delivery of the next generation of gaming platforms to its gaming industry customers.

Set to revolutionize the land based gaming industry, G2S is the communication protocol that unlocks the power of networked gaming and is set to become the way information is exchanged between a gaming device and the back end systems.

HERMES SoftLab G2S enables gaming operators to develop new and simple functions in communication between various systems used in their gaming portfolio. The protocol also enables fast and simple additions of new functions for players – a key asset for efficient and competitive business operations. By utilising the new G2S protocol operators have the opportunity to offer players a set of customised games or other services based on their past individual user experience.”

Full scale G2S floors are expected by late 2009 and the HERMES SoftLab G2S building block carries the capabilities to phase the new system in with its customer’s existing back end to ensure the application co-exists effortlessly and is delivered in record time.

Gregor Smrekar, CEO of HERMES SoftLab stated “One of HERMES SoftLabs strategic focuses is the development of Software Engineering Services IT Solutions and for Gaming Industry. With an exceptional development capacity and a long and successful history of Software Engineering for major International Companies, HERMES SoftLab employs more than 800 experts in Central Europe with R&D Labs in the Adriatic Region and Western Europe. Our Gaming Competence Center is constantly developing new concepts and technical solutions for the gaming industry, all this with one goal – to offer Services and Solutions with our building blocks and our gaming expertise, which ensures competitiveness and successful business for our clients.“

Aleš Gornjec, Business Development Manager for gaming at HERMES SoftLab: “At HERMES SoftLab, one of the major developers of software for the gaming industry, we firmly believe that the development of gaming will rely on a new generation gaming software that supports server-based gaming concepts. The G2S protocol we developed at HERMES SoftLab is a key building block for this.”