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18 | 12 | 2003

LG mobile phones

As the exclusive distributor for LG on the local market, NT CHS now starts the promotion and sale of this brand in the sphere of mobile telephony as well. LG, so far familiar to our public mainly for its high quality monitors and optical units designated for home or professional use, achieved a significant boost last year on the world market of mobile units.

LG mobile telephones have gained the highest grades in many tests for their top-level and innovative design, features, options and reliability.  LG telephones cover all market segments, starting from the base model W3000 – offering very attractive features, such as polyphone melodies and crystal blue background illumination at a very favourable price, via models G7010 and G5400 featuring many advanced options and high resolution colour displays, to model G7100 equipped with a vast range of accessories and innovative technological solutions such as: digital camera with 4x zoom or display that can be rotated by full 180, representing thus the topmost offer.

The sales data on the demanding world markets (ca. 15% participation in the second half of 2003) are an additional marker and guarantee of the quality. With its attractive price and uncompromising quality, LG simply imposes itself as a logical choice at purchase. Therefore, come and try it out! You will be pleasantly surprised, just as we were.