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09 | 12 | 2009

Microsoft Corporation rewards CT Computers BA with Microsoft commercial distributor status

Microsoft Commercial Distributor status is the confirmation of excellent collaboration with Microsoft Corporation and represents another important step towards improved offering of IT companies based in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

By acquiring this status, a ComTrade company CT Computers rounded out the partnership with Microsoft and now covers the following levels of cooperation: Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft OEM Distributor and Microsoft Commercial Distributor.

Newly acquired status, along with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, allows CT Computers BA to expand its offering of licensing programs for products and services based on Microsoft technologies. This way, CT Computers BA can upgrade a segment of its offering and significantly improve the sales conditions towards its partners.

Microsoft Commercial Distributor status provides CT Computers BA with an opportunity to offer Microsoft products and services through Full Package Product (FPP), as well as through quantity-based licensing programs such as Open License (OLP), Open Value License (OVL) and Open Value Subscription (OVS).