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13 | 11 | 2003

Microsoft Solution Framework Concept for the Future

The project of implementation and adoption of the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) concept for project management is one of the projects that Spinnaker New Technologies has carried out with Microsoft in the scope of the Partner Strategy Consulting.

After four months of education, Spinnaker’s development team fully mastered the MSF and started its application in all their projects. The Director of Spinnaker’s development team, Mr Radoje Dimitrijevic, is the first certified expert on the MSF in the company and the coordinator of MSF application in all projects.

The first Spinnaker’s project fully realized on the basis of the MSF methodology is the “Vodokanal Sombor” project. The Project Leader, i.e. the Programme Manager is Mr Mladen Vidic, Spinnaker’s main project designer, and the Product Manager is Mr Slobodan Damnjanovic.

The other team members are Mrs Nada Oljaca-Petrovic, Mr Josip Bugarcic, Ms Sandra Bubic, Mr Radovan Ostojic and Mr Milos Djermanovic. The project is being realized in cooperation with the Faculty of Organizational Studies and the ASP Company from Belgrade.