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17 | 10 | 2014

Positive Synergy

Microsoft’s conference, Synergy 14, will be held from October 20 to October 23, 2014 at Crown Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. This year, the focus will be on tablets, Windows Phones, Office 365 and Azure technologies. A new concept, Devices-and-Services company, will be presented at the conference, and the benefits that the users will experience as a result of Microsoft adopting this new concept.

Comtrade is proud to be the GENERAL SPONSOR of Synergy 14. As the authorized Microsoft distributer since 2001, Microsoft Gold Partner since 2004 and Microsoft Large Account reseller since 2009, Comtrade boast more than 300 Microsoft certificates, more than 400 Microsoft resellers and 1,000 top engineers.

Our company will have an active role during the entire conference this year.

  • October 20-21At Technical Days, Comtrade will present three topics: „Windows 8.1 Mobile Development” (Radovan Ostojic, Comtrade SI), “The Complete Project Manager” (Miroslav Anicin, Comtrade SI) and “Cloud-on-the-go” (Borislav Kolak and Tatjana Atanasijevic, Comtrade SE).
  • October 22Public Day is dedicated to the public sector and government institutions. Comtrade will participate in the main panel discussing the topic of e-administration, where at least 200 selected guests will have the opportunity to hear from our representative Mico Basara.
  • October 23During Business Day, there will be two panels: “The Future of E-Business and E-Services” and “Productivity and Mobility in Modern Business”. This year, Vladimir Banic will represent Comtrade in discussing these topics.

Join IT professionals, users and enthusiasts by attending and adding to the positive energy of the biggest IT event in the region!