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01 | 12 | 2008

Spinnaker donates IT equipment to the Primary School “Karađorđe” in Belgrade

In the spirit of incoming holidays, Spinnaker donated IT equipment to primary school Karađorđe from Belgrade. Principal of the school Milan Žegarac visited us with a couple of his students. Luka Dangubić and Miodrag Janković are in the 8th grade and they are in charge of the school website. Milan Žegarac was very grateful and pointed out the contribution of this donation. “We wish to give our students the opportunity to learn more about available technologies. Our beginnings in implementation of Information Technologies were very modest – we had a couple of used computers in a small room, and that was it. Great interest shown by the students and their enthusiasm presented us with the task to further develop our current learning environment. Today, we have a specialized classroom, network, 8 computers and much more efficient information exchange.”

Jelena Antić, Spinnaker Marketing Director, said that the intention of this donation is to help in modernization of studying processes in the school. “This is just another step in our future contribution to upgrading the education and technological knowledge of our youngest. Our company also hosted an educational event in October, 2008 for students from this school, as well as two other primary schools, providing them with the opportunity to learn, first hand, how you develop a website or build a computer.”