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28 | 05 | 2013

Young talents take center stage once again on EdIT 13

ComTrade’s summer school of programming about to open its doors in 6 locations

This year, ComTrade continues to run a free summer school, organized within the framework of its permanent investment program aimed at growth of talented IT experts, bringing together dozens of young programmers from the entire region and giving them a chance to learn under the supervision of experienced professionals. Traditionally promoted under the name EdIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers), this event annually attracts significant attention among the industry circles, producing a huge number of applications for ComTrade to process and select the best applicants. The chosen participants will spend 10 days facing realistic challenges encountered during work on large-scale professional IT projects.

The topic for EdIT summer school in Serbia this year will be “Flying drones with the help of an Android device”, which means that participants will gain an opportunity to put their mobile application development skills to a practical test. EdIT 13 themes for summer schools in Slovenia are “Gamification of mobile portal“ and “Bodi Smart Bodi Eko”, and finaly in BiH the themes will be “Gamification in finance and banking“ and „Campaign management system”.

Kragujevac, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Maribor and Ljubljana summer schools will open their doors from July 8th to July 19th, followed by EdIT in Belgrade which starts on July 22nd and runs through August 2nd. All expenses of the summer school are fully paid by ComTrade, guaranteeing that every deserving young person can participate and not only those who have the best financial backgrounds.

There is still time to join EdIT team – the application process is still ongoing and you can fill out the application:

Serbia: Belgrade, Kragujevac
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Banja Luka
Slovenia: Maribor, Ljubljana
Austria and Germany: Ljubljana