SE001 - EP006 | 07. Feb 2024

Comtrade and CERN: Accelerating partnership on a pursuit of shared knowledge

In this episode, we spotlight the landmark collaboration between Comtrade and CERN, highlighting the importance of science and technology coming together, and education’s pivotal role in today’s society. We’re excited to host the CERN School of Computing , which will be held for the first time in Serbia. The event promises to gather over 30 international students at the Information Technology School at Comtrade campus in Belgrade in June 2024. This initiative underlines our long-standing collaboration with CERN, emphasizing our dedication to advancing education, innovation, and scientific achievements in our community.

Comtrade and CERN openlab have been colaborating in the field of strorage since 2015, when our engineers started to work on EOS, a CERN fast file software system that currently supports over 1 exabyte of data, enabling scientists all over the world to access it for experiments and discoveries.

Join us for an insightful interview with Alberto Pace, Head of IT Education at CERN. We dive into the significance of technology and science in the AI and data-driven era, along with the latest projects and discoveries from CERN. Don’t miss this engaging discussion designed to inspire and enlighten.

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