SE001 - EP008 | 16. May 2024

Latest from the Spanish tech market: Tesla says Hola!

If you’ve been following the Comtrade podcast in the last couple of months, you were bound to notice Tesla’s amazing global expansion, which took us to more than 37 international markets that the brand currently covers, to discuss their success story. This time, we’re taking you to sunny Madrid, where we’ve had the pleasure of talking to Jose Vicente Pascual, General Manager of DEF, the distributor of Tesla devices in Spain.

Jose was so kind to take some time away from all the networking at the busy C&R exhibition in Madrid to talk us through this collaboration and tell us a bit more about the Spanish consumer electronics market. We’ve talked about Tesla devices currently available in Spain, what are brand’s strongest advantages in this market, and also tackled some future expansion plans.

So, sit back and enjoy this great episode of Comtrade podcast, brought to you specially from the lively C&R forum in the beautiful Madrid: we hope you’ll love it!

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