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25 | 06 | 2009

55.000 ComTrade Computers in Macedonian schools

After winning a public tender for equipping Macedonian elementary schools with computers, ComTrade Group agreed to a business deal worth over $ 15.000.000. Subject of this contract is delivery of 55.000 computers specially designed for educational purposes to schools in Macedonia. All computers will come with educational software tools localized for use in Macedonian language.

Contract was signed with Ministry for information society of the Republic of Macedonia, while the project is financed by government of the Republic of Macedonia. Implementation will be completed by the end of the year.

ComTrade believes that investments in young people and their education will capitalize in the future and recognizes Macedonian government as a serious partner who is aware of the demands and challenges of our times.

This contract is the starting point of joint project between ComTrade Group and Intel, which aims to equip all schools in the region with PC computers and appropriate software, these basic tools of modern education. ComTrade left behind the largest global PC manufacturers in this marketplace race and solidified its position of the regional leader in the domain of information technology.