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30 | 06 | 2021

Another record-breaking year for our System Integration business

Even in our 20th year of doing business, we manage to maintain our growth

Comtrade System Integration has recorded yet another financially successful year in 2020, thus continuing its YoY growth in both revenue and profit margin aspects.

For the ninth consecutive year, Comtrade System Integration has recorded a respectable growth in some of the key financial indicators, demonstrating a 9% growth in revenue: from €87.1M in 2019 to €93.6M in 2020, alongside an 11% growth in gross profit margin in comparison to 2019. The revenue growth in 2020, when compared to 2018 is at a respectable 19%, which sheds a different light to the picture once we factor in that Comtrade System Integration is actually marking its twentieth anniversary this year.

Even in the fast-growing IT industry, it’s not all that common that companies record continuous YoY growth for nearly a decade, and that established companies such as Comtrade System Integration grow at such rate.