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06 | 02 | 2020


We recently talked to Luca Mascetti, project coordinator for the CERN EOS productisation project, which Comtrade has been a part of since 2015. The project focuses on evolving CERN’s EOS large-scale distributed storage system, in the aim of simplifying usage, installation, and system maintenance outside CERN’s environment.

Luca first thanked us for inviting him to Comtrade, expressed his feelings about our collaboration with CERN openlab, and talked about the benefits of the collaboration, stating that our company brought its expertise and skill in professional software documentation, helping the project as a whole.

Luca sees Comtrade as a storage appliance solution provider where end-users will benefit from accessing data in a private way within their own local enterprise environments, offering them long-term storage support.

Luca also sees many more benefits of our relationship with CERN openlab, particularly Comtrade’s exposure to CERN’s complex environment and cutting-edge software solutions (like EOS). CERN will benefit as well, from Comtrade’s extensive expertise of professional software documentation, QA software and everything that relates to long-term software support. For more details on Mr. Mascetti interview, you can view the full video here.

Comtrade has a 30-year long track record in software development and support, as well as Quality Assurance, for both of which our company holds long-term praise. The CERN openlab collaboration was a strategic decision of the owner and chairman of Comtrade, Veselin Jevrosimović, as was the decision to switch focus from hardware distribution to software development and QA among other things, which eventually led to collaborations such as this one.

CERN openlab is a unique public-private partnership working to accelerate cutting-edge ICT solutions development for the worldwide LHC community. Set up in 2001, CERN openlab is now in its sixth phase, Comtrade is an associate member and collaborator in the EOS productisation project, which is focused on evolving CERN’s EOS large-scale storage system.