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20 | 03 | 2020

Strategic Partnership with Slovenian Steel Group is attaining great results

As we help companies on their journey to digital transformation, we have another success story. Last autumn, we have concluded a strategic partnership with SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group. The company entrusted us with two projects: moving the entire SIJ infrastructure to Microsoft and Oracle clouds, making it the largest cloud migration in the region. As part of the second project, Comtrade will develop information system called “Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).”

Vladimir Arshinov, CIO of Slovenian Steel Group, is also convinced that the partnership is a success. In his interview for Telegraf, he said: “We began the project by discussing the topic with our partners. Comtrade was flexible in their approach and was not just ready to discuss what we wanted to do but also had enough bravery to propose what they see is possible. This was a good starting point for the partnership.”

To view the interview with Vladimir Arshinov, check out the video below.

The digital transformation of these services will help the partner overcome some of its industry and business challenges. The key benefit is the reduction in manufacturing costs to help the company retain its competitive position.

Comtrade Solutions and SIJ are working closely to identify new projects that will enable them to be more successful in their respective fields in the future. The next steps will be related to implementing solutions to make better and faster business decisions and to optimize supply chains.

Slovenian Steel Group is one of the largest and most successful companies in Slovenia. It is a truly global corporation with distribution centers located across Europe as well as USA.