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01 | 10 | 2014

Comtrade at Agile Slovenia

Comtrade will be present at Agile Slovenia 2014 that will be on October 10th in Ljubljana, as a sponsor and a speaker. Marko Javornik will be presenting »Value Co-Creation: Strategic Partnerships around Open Innovation« topic.

Agile Slovenia 2014 is the third meeting of the most popular Agile event in Slovenia. In 2012 and 2013 the conferences were tremendous successes, thanks to more than 100 visitors, awesome speakers, and sponsors. The organizers are promising, that this year the conference will be even better, with a fantastic lineup of great international speakers. Participants (among these also around 15 from Comtrade) can expect a full day of learning and exploring the latest Agile thinking in software craftmanship, teams, and business.

Here is the abstract of the topic that will be presented by Marko Javornik:

Value Co-Creation: Strategic Partnerships around Open Innovation

Is rapid and smart innovation limited to start-up companies? No company alone can succeed in today’s challenging world. However, the traditional hierarchical way of externalizing work (outsourcing) has severe limitations. In an example we show an alternative approach that significantly increases creativity and innovation. It maximizes benefit by empowering suppliers into strategic partners and minimizes risk by defining the framework for the relationship.