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06 | 10 | 2014

Outsourcing: Where next?

TechFire XII, in association with Comtrade, will address the burning question in IT: »Outsourcing: where next?« on October 22nd Gibson Hotel, Dublin.

Outsourcing: where next? Can you build strategic partnerships around open innovation?

It used to be that market pressures came from above, as industry giants with deep pockets pressured anyone not of the same scale. Now, agile start-ups are exerting just as much pressure. Coupled with this is the accelerated pace of change, driven by economics, customer expectation and fast changing technology. Processes, business models and even how a business describes itself require constant review and change. Inability to meet these pressures means a loss of competitive edge, or worse.

Outsourcing in particular has become a major focus for organisations as a way to divest of those non-core activities that can distract and divert precious resources. But when dealing with the myriad issues described, is it now time for a new kind of technology partnership, where technology partners are openly invited to participate in the innovation process?

The new partnership model requires a deep understanding not only of the technology, but also the processes, social aspects and business environment. The results of this are true innovation.

The typical project outsourced in the past was often fairly static, today, with agile development and environments, projects are expected to evolve as iterations are created. The new style of technology partnership, where the technology partner is a full contributor, can ensure that value, efficiency and innovation result — delivering competitive advantage.

Join us at TechFire event in Dublin on October 22nd in Gibson Hotel between 8 and 10am , where we will address this emerging style of technology partnership where close cooperation, not legacy hierarchies, creates an open and innovative forum for sharing ideas and knowledge to ensure that organisations get what they need, as they need it, at the pace the market demands.


Stephen Hannon
Software Development Manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Marko Javornik
Director – Services Europe, Comtrade

Dejan Ćušić
Program Manager, Comtrade

Event will be moderated by Paul Hearns, editor at TechPro magazine.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the event.

Attendance is free, but booking is essential, so please register here.

*TechFire is a programme of focused management briefings for IT professionals, from the publishers ofTechPro*, Ireland’s leading IT journal, and, its online home.