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05 | 02 | 2016

Comtrade at Transport for Smart cities 2016: Scaling innovation in Europe

Brussels, January 28, Section for Mobility and Transport at European Commission gathered about 200 selected practitioners and leaders from public and private sectors to discuss how smart city mobility concepts can be implemented at scale in Europe’s cities. Comtrade was invited to participate.

The conference’s discussions were structured around the ‘what’ opportunities for scaling (such as how smart city mobility as a service, smart city logistics, and new smart city mobility concepts) and on the ‘how’ can scaling be done.

Marko Javornik, VP/GM Mobility & Travel at Comtrade gave a presentation on »How to make EU a relevant market in the digitalization of mobility«.

This conference also contributed to the development and implementation of future EU level smart city activities and the EU’s decarbonisation and digital policies.

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